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Entry #1

Voice Acting, Here I Go!

2012-10-29 23:38:19 by TheSeraph


First off, I'm pretty new to this voice acting thing, but I just woke up one day and just really wanted to realize it and at least give it an attempt. I've been wanting to voice act for a long time, but never found the... strength?.. not quite, but something like that.

So I made a Voice Demo, and if you're interested in hearing it, here you go: VOICE DEMO

Share it with whoever you like, especially those awesome animators and game makes around the site
*winks* Eh? Eh? :D

I appreciate it, guys!

Oh also, lots of creds to blackorb00 from DeviantArt, he made the epic piece of art that I use for a profile picture.

See you all around!


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2012-10-30 03:24:47

You have an oddly soothing speaking voice.

TheSeraph responds:

Thank you, lol.

I haven't gotten that kind of a compliment on my voice before.

Only compliment I can remember I've gotten on my voice is that I speak too good English to be a Norwegian who has never been to England, America or Australia.

Appreciate your feedback.


2012-11-02 11:48:02

I just listened to your demo, your impressions were spot on! Seriously dude, they're amazing! Only critiscism I have is when you talk, you could go a bit closer to the mic (I had to turn up my volume all the way just to hear you haha). But other than that, really good. If you have any spare time, could you take a listen to my 'Impressions' demo and give some feedback? It'd be much appreciated. :)

TheSeraph responds:

Hey thank you for your kind words, I checked out your audios as well.

You should post a comment in the voice actor topic and hopefully get contacted by people who make animations or games. If you wanna be on a project.